Thursday, November 26, 2009

the hanker chiefs

it is late at night here in los angeles, my hands are cold and i'm typing by twinkle light.

this is my first foray into the proper blogosphere.
it's kind of exciting.
in a nerdy way...
which is kind of the only way i get excited about things...

not entirely sure what i'm going to write about, but i think i'll figure it out as i go?

i hope?

we shall SEE!
tomorrow (technically today, but it's still yesterday to me... wait, what?) is thanksgiving.


mmm, i'm getting hungry just thinking about it.
on a side note

i took this picture in eureka a couple of weeks ago in the most incredibly overstuffed antique store. you know, the dusty, fusty kind with paintings of squirrels and ships leaning against the walls and one-eyed owl salt shakers peering out at you from impossibly old china cabinets... in other words, my favorite kind of antique store.

it's fun to hunt for treasures.

 i bought two rings there, one which looks just like a little watch but doesn't tell the time (and i made sure it never will by washing my hands while wearing it no more than ten minutes after i bought it... ring watch, i'm sorry...).

this makes me think,
wouldn't it be nice to be a member of a club
with a properly improper clubhouse
in a tree
a treehouse
(of course)
we'd drink tea
have little cakes
read poetry
and books
and wear handkerchiefs on our heads like little sailor hats
with feathers sticking out on top?

we could be called
the hanker chiefs.

i think that would be really nice.

why am i not sleeping?

sheep, come here, let me count you....