Thursday, November 26, 2009

the hanker chiefs

it is late at night here in los angeles, my hands are cold and i'm typing by twinkle light.

this is my first foray into the proper blogosphere.
it's kind of exciting.
in a nerdy way...
which is kind of the only way i get excited about things...

not entirely sure what i'm going to write about, but i think i'll figure it out as i go?

i hope?

we shall SEE!
tomorrow (technically today, but it's still yesterday to me... wait, what?) is thanksgiving.


mmm, i'm getting hungry just thinking about it.
on a side note

i took this picture in eureka a couple of weeks ago in the most incredibly overstuffed antique store. you know, the dusty, fusty kind with paintings of squirrels and ships leaning against the walls and one-eyed owl salt shakers peering out at you from impossibly old china cabinets... in other words, my favorite kind of antique store.

it's fun to hunt for treasures.

 i bought two rings there, one which looks just like a little watch but doesn't tell the time (and i made sure it never will by washing my hands while wearing it no more than ten minutes after i bought it... ring watch, i'm sorry...).

this makes me think,
wouldn't it be nice to be a member of a club
with a properly improper clubhouse
in a tree
a treehouse
(of course)
we'd drink tea
have little cakes
read poetry
and books
and wear handkerchiefs on our heads like little sailor hats
with feathers sticking out on top?

we could be called
the hanker chiefs.

i think that would be really nice.

why am i not sleeping?

sheep, come here, let me count you....



  1. beautiful!
    I hanker for a treehouse full of chiefs too :-)

  2. Ali, this is so cute, nice, overwhelming... i really hanker for more of such stories. Thanx, Andy.

  3. keeping a child's perspective in the crazy adult world is a lost art that needs to be reclaimed. i remember days growing up in the small town of rockford, mi and having so many adventures with the dearest of friends, only to find my world later transformed by the divorce of my parents and then moving and changing schools often.

    i found myself trying to rekindle friendships like i once had, and in my attempts, finding my effort lost to yet another uprooting and starting over somewhere else. this does lead one to have certain apprehensions about getting close to people, which can and did lead to periods of isolation, but i only share this to possibly relate to others who may have experienced the same growing up, and to say there's always hope.

    things changed for me, though, when i started my love affair with music, and realizing that the expression of art is something i know i'm created for, which is what i want to pursue as long as i'm here. i think keeping a positive attitude is important in our search for true identity, and not ever letting go of the beauty of a child's heart, and at least for me, faith is something that keeps me grounded in hope as i process whatever chaos may be present in my day to day adventures.

    i'm finding that chaos may be the necessary ingredient to the birth of beautiful things, and currently i seem to be somewhere within the transition of that journey. i've been single for several years, which is both blessing and a curse, depends on my attitude i guess, but it has allowed for a time to grow and to possibly realize what i'm really looking for, both in life and with whom to share it with. and i wonder if it's so wrong to believe in fairy tales? to believe there's one woman who really is meant to be? for me, i choose to believe.


    Dear Alison, last night i founded a club of which i’m member #1. The club is called HCFH “Hanker Chiefs For Handicapped”. The members are friendzys living far away from frenzy Ali. They therefore are not able to attend Ali’s shows, but their goal is to make other people happy that could never visit Ali’s shows without “Hanker Chiefs” who stand up for them.

    These people are anyhow disabled, blinded or spending their lifes in wheel chairs, or somewhat else. I have lived in a wheel chair after my brain stroke ten years ago. I know what i’m talking about. Or, what also may happen, they drifted undeserved in a financial bottleneck and cannot pay the ticket. I’ve lost hundreds of thousands of Dollars in the music business by untrue people. I know what i’m talking about.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to find a way how to manage this stupid situation? Here the ones who could pay but can’t go, there the one’s that want go, but can’t pay. Maybe this is a frenzy idea, but i'm sure that there are many fanzies around that globe who would share.

    To make a start and as member #1 of the “Hanker Chiefs”, i would donate for the upcoming three AFF-shows at the Largo’s music theatre each 2 tickets for persons to be choosen by you or by the theatre. I have tried unsuccessfully to get in touch with Largo. Maybe you find this a stupid, unrealistic idea. Then you must ignore and delete my entry. Maybe you think about and we can find a way how to manage, for now or for later. If you want, you can reach me at any time at or find abdelgamal on twitter. I believe in you, dear Ali.

  5. i'm sitting at jumpin java in grand haven, mi, actually the place i wrote the above post to you on march 3. my mom grew up in this little town on the lakeshore. it's a beautiful place, especially walking along the boardwalk and to the lighthouse at the end of the pier. the waves were active today. lots of birds flying. perfect weather. the waves crashing like cymbals. harmony. perfect harmony. :)

  6. Dear Alison

    May we present you this as little vote of thanks.
    Please accept our words on behalf of the Heinsheim kids.
    And from all of us big friendzy kids,
    Adoring you and knowing to be loved by you:


    Fly with us ……
    Dream with us …….

    We all came here
    On earth beyond our own will
    We came here
    Knowing nothing about our talents
    Or our capacities
    Having a long way ahead
    A long way of permanent learning
    A long, stony way to go
    Full of luck and happiness
    Full of disappointments and sorrow.

    We all are here
    Having long lists of dreams
    And wishes
    Trying to do and to give of our best
    Everyone on his way
    In his capacities.

    We all are asking You
    For Your confidence
    And please, consider these words
    An expression and promise
    Of our confidence.

    We all really love You
    You can roar
    You can whisper
    You can scream
    We love Your talents
    Your extraordinary voice
    Which is – don’t forget it
    A gift from heaven
    That not one of us ever may abuse
    But –
    We do not only love Your talents
    Or Your voice
    Which are far away from any mainstream
    Or average
    We mainly love You
    Your very special and modest personality
    Your smiling
    And Your twinkling eyes
    Just Your love inside.

    We all are happy people
    Having the chance to be Your friends
    Stealing horses with You
    Sharing a part of Your life
    Even may it be a short one...

    Abdelgamal, May 7, 2010

  7. Your right Alison it is fun to hunt for treasures, especially the ones that make you climb over mountains and swim through seas to get. And you should write a book about that, a book about the little boys who we call the 'Hanker Cheifs' I think it would be a very intersting read, and it seems that happiness would be all to prevelant in it!


    I was on search
    Of hidden secrets
    And finally have found.
    Not where i’ve searched
    Not in hidden treehouse
    Not under rocks
    Where your ravished soul
    Had tried to crawl.
    I found your words
    I found your message
    A bulb of thousand watts
    Began to cheer
    My inner core.
    I feel a flood of warmth
    I feel a flood of joy.
    This makes not easy
    To keep the word
    That must be kept
    A word as white
    As a dove
    This word I mean is
    And then I found
    Something beyond
    The frenzy artist
    Behind the mirror
    Free of camouflage
    What I see is just a dream
    Pictures not for all to see
    But for me
    It’s only you, just you
    Magical woman angel like.
    This makes not easy
    To keep the words
    That must be kept
    But the words I mean
    So bright and clean
    And they are true
    . .... ...
    Please decide
    We two being friends
    Sharing some time
    And thoughts
    Not for real
    But by our hearts and minds
    Please don’t write again
    No more rhymes

    Abdelgamal, May 13, 2010


    A real friendzy is
    In perfect coincidence
    With your thoughts
    With your words
    And with your actions.

    A real friendzy wants
    To back you
    Spreading your word
    Giving you confidence
    And courage.

    A real friendzy knows
    That you are honorable
    And humble
    Noble in mind
    And heart.

    A real friendzy hopes
    To become friends
    With you one day
    Here on earth
    Or among the stars.

    The world would need
    More Alison’s
    But we are happy
    With the one that is.
    Begging you
    Please stay as you are.

    abdelgamal, September 24, 2010

  10. Thanks, as always, for inspiration. Karma is smiling and blowing your way. ;)

  11. oh pooh, you're such a silly bear, sitting there so full of love, in search of sweet honey and a home in a tree... do you feel the kisses blowing in the wind? they're so sweet and soft to the touch, just like that honey you love so much.

  12. one year and a thanksgiving dream~ of a treehouse clubhouse, stories, poetry, little cakes and cups of tea~ may all your dreams succeed and make your heart smile bigger than the warmth of the sun~

    happy happy thanksgiving