Saturday, October 9, 2010


ali's fall fives:

just a few




max richter. 2006 songs from before.
bon iver. for emma, forever ago.
dustin o'halloran. piano solos volume II.
nick drake. pink moon.
django reinhardt. everything.


1. into leaves
2. onto an enormous trampoline (and jump and tumble and squeal)
3. out of your comfort zone
4. into bed
5. in love


  1. Yay!

    I run a book Tumblr, seeing as you love books: :)

    I've not read any of those though but I've heard The Alchemist is really good. I'm reading The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins at the moment.

  2. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is great *-* I LOVE YOUR SONGS AND I'M A FAN OF BRAZIL!!! I ALWAYS SEND YOU REPLIES ON TWITTER ♥ Your musics mean everything to me, Alison *-*

  3. Awesome! I love it! I'm going to check these out!

  4. oh Haruki Murakami <33 but Sputnik Sweetheart is me fave :D

  5. i will try to fulfill if not all, most of this list ;D

  6. I will wait for you answer *-*

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  8. @postal_box:

    Hey alison, im from Brazil and follow you on twitter, im thing youre a great person and artist, i saw a book of Paulo Coelho and Neruda, theyre awesome books, im following your blog. kisses.

  9. ohhh those are the perfect movies and books. everything is rather perfect, actually.

  10. Alison, you're a great artist! Your songs are full of sensitivity and they are beautiful. Keep up the good work. =]

  11. great stuff, alisson…! but "the alchemist"? are you sure?! i only forgive you for that one, because you did NOT read it in portuguese… and the translations to paulo coelho (who is brazilian) are far better than the original…!!! (i read it in german and in portuguese)

  12. Sense and sensibility <3 When will you release your book? Can't wait!

  13. i adore so many of these things... what a wonderful list of loveliness! <3

  14. I like you. And your taste in things.
    We should meet up sometime.

  15. Where the wild things are is an amazing movie, good choice on that but I'm not sure about the rest especially falling into love. Although it is the season for it, summer usually comes and takes it all away.

  16. Thanks to Wikipedia I don't need to leave my comfort zone. Thanks for sharing. Love you, Alison!

    PS Blonde or redhead, either way you're still beautiful to me. But the new look suits you quite well.

  17. it is the season for falling in love, but true love is never bound to a season... even though there was a cold winter where the seeds of love were lying under the ground dormant, yet spring surprised us with its dawn, when the sun came out and sang...

    i want to see clear
    the amazement of things around the corner
    hope is walking and the wind is carrying
    me to a place where daylight is breaking
    welcoming the entrance

    it's an amazing thing to see the tender grass break through the snow, then to closely watch the frozen stone blanket melt into the ground, welcoming the melody of spring, a song heard from each shore. but its tune was only one chapter of the story. there was yet more to be written, more to see, and more to believe.

    the awakening of spring reveals a picture of trees still bare, but with promise. and so we saw them begin to bud and blossom, leaves rushing through their starting gate, wearing cautious smiles while running with buckets and buckets of green paint. it's easy to see that color is a beautiful thing, and so another chapter of the story was carefully written.

    the song of spring felt so alive, like a redbird calling, and it was through teardrops we learned that clouds have feelings too. and so as we listened to the rain sing its tune, our hearts became connected by strings, from the safety of your green tree, all the way to the words springing from mine. but the leaves still had much to say.

    then the summer heat arrived and the grass outgrew its bounds, so some work had to be done to keep it tame, from growing too wild. humility is the foundation of everything that finds true peace, so understanding the hands that hold the book together is an important thing. it's the lessons we learn through becoming a servant before a king, then maintaining that servant's heartbeat through whatever treasure is discovered along the path of our destiny.

    the summer also brought drought, an emptying of everything that needed to be let go of, being melted away in the heat. this new beginning, like a baby in the womb, was developing, yet not without some discomfort. it's through pain that patience has a way of teaching important lessons too, but we struggle with it until trust is found. and then we're free to let go of our fears.

    sometimes desire needs to wait until ripe, and is forced to stay on the tree, which is never easy (especially when you're hungry!) but there's such a delicious sweetness to be formed that would be entirely missed if picked and eaten too early. so i suppose that's why the puzzle pieces aligned in the way they did, to prevent the apples from being picked before their time... but look! harvest time has now come! the baskets are ready to hold the scent of love sweet love! heartstrings are pulling tighter.

    so my journey has begun, and words are now falling like leaves from the place where the first "tree" was written... lemonjello's coffee! ( this is part of the adventure, one that will soon lead through the beauty of mountains, for the very first time! A temporary home on wheels carrying my heart and everything i call my own, this being the ship leading to the ocean's shore where love is the only home i hope to find. it's there that i can offer my heart as a gift, the words made something real to hold in your hands, and to never let go.

    so this is a chance i have to take, and love is the only reason for me to be able to push this boat into the river, because i believe it leads straight to the oasis of your heart. that's the place i want to be. that's home to me.

  18. I thought film schoolin's supposed to keep one on the know about new movies, but I haven't heard of "Lars and the Real Girl" before. Looks fun though; it's going on my dvd queue! :)

    You also reminded me that I've been putting off Mr. Neruda for too long.

  19. I just found your blog! Love it! Also, love your list!

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  21. That "(feel)" list is pure gold. Puuuuuuuure Gold.

  22. Love the Nick Drake and the Django Reinhardt.

    There's a guy in my town who plays Django-style stuff on a Django-style guitar. He's fantastic.

    Love the Neruda and Murakami also.

    About the "Out of Your Comfort Zone" list item. But it's not so much falling as actively pushing the borders outward.

    Wishing you a revelatory Fall--don't settle! Get what you want!

  23. i wrote with a lot of hope 13 days ago from lemonjello's in holland, michigan, the beginning of my journey to LA. i love your (fall) fives ali, to fall into leaves and in love would be a beautiful thing for you, and this whole story i've been writing to you since february has been something very dear to my heart, yet what i saw today made me question everything, and i can only ask that you respond with your heart today, to the string of tweets poured out this morning...

    if all of what i've shared is something only inside my head, then please, please go through your blog and delete my posts, which will allow me the freedom to know your heart concerning the love story i tried to author. i can only ask that you respect me enough to answer, as silence would be very hard to swallow, although, it would also give me your answer, as then i'd know you never read the open book, and that you never were a part of writing this with me. of course that would be rather confusing to me, but like i said earlier in my tweet, i've made mistakes before.

    so, in just continuing on from my heart this morning, please respond with your heart, and i'll move on accordingly. if you tell me to move on by closing the book (or if you say nothing at all), then i'll know to leave LA in search of a real dream. i have believed in this one though, with hopes of seeing it blossom into something so beautiful for both of us, but i have to have your heart for that to happen, which is what i'd love more than anything right now, but i respect your heart regardless of how you feel.

    thank you for being patient with me as i've shared for over 8 months now with so many words, pouring out like rain again and again. i didn't mean to bother you at all, and i hope i didn't. my heart was written as an open book to you, as a gift, but one anyone could've read along with if they so chose, which made be vulnerable to the criticism of others, but that doesn't really matter. love is the only thing that truly matters, and love will endure no matter what happens to my words.

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