Tuesday, March 9, 2010

lost things (adventures in stop-motion)

Written & Directed by - Angela Kohlerhttp://www.angelakohler.com and
Ithyle Griffiths http://www.ithyle.com

Starring - me (Alison Sudol) http://www.afinefrenzy.com

Music - Sleepwaking by A Fine Frenzy http://www.afinefrenzy.com

Music Produced by Butch Walker

Wardrobe - Sarah Schaub and Sunshine Wright http://sarahandsunshine.wordpress.com

Lighting Tech - Andrew Hamlin http://www.andrewhamlin.com

Digital Tech - Matt Harbicht http://harbichtphoto.com/

Hair - Kristin Ess

Makeup - Samuel Paul http://www.samuelpaulmakeup.com

Paper Cuts - Mr. Yen http://mr--yen.blogspot.com

a Gallant + Keen Production


  1. I have to say, I loved the video. Well done. And as always, an amazing voice to go along with it. Is this song going to be released anywhere?

  2. this really is gorgeous, i mean, everything about it. a wonderful group of artists working together - just beautiful. this is the kind of thing that makes life what it's supposed to be, a colorful palette of imagination, painting pictures that truly come to life.

  3. I just loved that video! Already favourited it on my youtube account some days ago. Please keep on making wonderful things! Because you do that so well. :)


  4. Very creative and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your talents with us all. Fabulous!

  5. Alison Sudol:

    So many of my favorite things were in there! Tea cups, Bird cages, Keys, Ships... it was as if someone raided my mind's satchel of treasured objects.

    A little reminiscent of going 'Down The Rabbit Whole.' The video was so complimentary to (as far as I've perceived) your personality. Thanks for sharing this little gem with us!

  6. May your sparkling fountain of love and inspiration never dry out. The world and ME need you, Alison. Did i ever say THANK YOU? Now it's done.

  7. Manuela Silva-ALI hello ,your blog is massive and i have nothing more to say about you,that you are reaching far beyond simply are an extraordinary singer,simple and always well next of fans.With your music and your wonderful persomality, he doubted not ,you are among the great. You are wonderful and that you always happy. Thanks.

  8. Will we hear this anywhere else? It'd be marvel to chance upon this song on radio or television (on rare moments when away from computers).

  9. Is this a new song you wrote for the video or is it some old demo that i've never heard?? Either way I'd like this on my iPod or in my possession please. :)

    Btw, you really really really need to come to Oklahoma sometime please!!! I LOVE YOU

  10. i really enjoy the progression of aff. one cell in the sea is beautifully organic, with so much of your heart emptied into the flowing melodies. bomb in a birdcage is different, a lot different, yet i fully embraced the change and feel the album opened up to me like a delicate rose as i listened more and more. i don't know if you wrote most of it, or if you worked with others, but the whole album forms a complete picture for me, which is amazing. i love listening to you sing, so maybe that's a part of it, but you're definitely creative with your voice throughout the album, and every song is beautiful.

    for me, both albums are new. i started listening around valentine's day of this year, so i've only had the last month to allow the music to become a part of what influences me, and that has been a blessing. looking at lost things i see an amazing piece of art, and it took many people working together to paint it so well, but the music is beautiful, and it would be wonderful to hear more like it, if that happens to be one of the directions your writing is taking you.

    i see a lot of similarities in your life and mine, so i feel that connects me to your music in a way that has been influencing the art inside of me to take shape, and for that i'm grateful. you're doing what you were purposed to do, and things lined up and fell into place like puzzle pieces, which is something i believe happens when we hold on to hope and dare to dream. it's a journey getting to the somewhere over the rainbow, and it's not always easy, but the stories of our lives are being written every day, so we need to take each step, trusting to find the next one waiting.

    i'm happy to have come across your music and i feel i know some of your heart through the story of each song. it would be lovely meeting you in person sometime and since i haven't heard aff live, that is something i look forward to as well. i don't know how, but i feel in my heart that you are truly a beautiful person ali. your heart glows through your smile and i see a reflection of that beauty in your eyes. yes, you're a gorgeous woman, but what i see goes way beyond anything seen simply on the outside, and that is something i treasure.

  11. vid has ELEMENTS of peter gabriel 's sledgehammer in it or early talking heads- with the stop start motion and myriad of many splendoured things- the song is lovely as always- i agree with the chap above- one cell was incredible but BOMB was even better- AMAZING actually- the xmas ep was wonderful too- you should change your name from a FINE frenzy to a FANTASTIC frenzy- cant wait for the owl city support in glasgow to see you- and would move mountains to get to meet you x

  12. Dear Alison,
    i’m just an unimportant person among millions of people adoring you. There are many fan sites and internet forums around the world of which you redhead and AFF are the main topics. Millions of people are following every step you do and every word you say. Why should you read just my words? There is absolutely no reason for.

    I’m a great fanzy of you and A Fine Frenzy’s music and i’m trying to understand the sublime, beautiful, intimate and so sensitive elegance of your lyrics, wrapped in heavenly melodies. It sounds frenzy, but i’m so happy and feel priviledged to live with you on the same planet and – what a lucky chance! – in the same century and in the same window of time! When i look up to the moon, i know that i see the same moon, and i’m happy. When i walk along a beach, listening to the rhythmic claps of waves, i realize that we all are little cells in the same seas, and this makes me happy too.

    Ali, i’m bearing now 62 years on my shoulders and i’m really not on search for a new relationship, lol. But i’d like to thank you for making me and so many other people so happy, for presenting us with light and hope in these violent times and for opening our blinded eyes for all those beautiful and sometimes lost things in life. Setting sun makes shadows longer, rising sun makes shadows disappear....., you are a rising sun, dear Ali! Is it insolent to thank you for all the magic moments that you give us with your splendid art and with your wonderfully knowing, big feeling and warm heart? Is it impertinent being convinced that you are the best and the most adorable singer/songwriter ever, super-talented as author as well? ----- Maybe this is not realistic, but it is my reality – and i certainly speak for innumerable people around the world. I sometimes use my poetic licence for a little tweet, hoping that this could bring a smile on your pretty face or at least trying to make your day a little better day. You’ll forgive me some faults – english is a foreign language to me...

    If you one day will come back to Switzerland for shows, this would be fine and for sure I would buy tickets. But I would give them away to people which might be depressive and which could be healed by your presence and AFF’s music. I wouldn’t be there myself, because it would break my heart not being able to shake hands and sharing some words with you. Life and many back-strokes have teached me to stay humble and honorable. Adoring you for now and ever, Andy Burckhardt/Switzerland.

  13. Hello Alison, I loved this video!!!
    (wow, I get to be really straight forward sometimes...)
    I do have to say it made my day, I'm an animator and a graphic design... student (of both, yet don't hold any degree to my name... I'm just ME.. Martin, no dr., designer , animator, nor any other title before the M begins with the lovely adventure my name supposes... I love my name, if you didn't notice it...)

    This short animated video really got to me, I watched it three times ... consecutive... yeah, I do that quite often when I like something...
    for instance, songs!!! some songs have to be played over and over again.. that way you just get to feel every pause, sigh or chord, without missing out from ANY sound.

    my obsession with repeating things comes from my "obsession" with animation, movement and reproduction of movement, shape and ... reformulation of shape (otherwise it will be a very odd looking reproduction of real life and have no meaning whatsoever)

    I feel like rambling today, and I guess this is what this blog's intention was in the first place.

    Cut to the chase Martin!!!
    ok, I'm getting there...
    the song is really sweet and I loved the images that went along with it... a truly amazing video... light was superb and it had this fantasy, yet ordinary, look that made it comforting for the eye. at least my peepers cozied up to the imagery displayed in this two minute video.

    Keep with the good work ms Alison.
    Martin ... from Montevideo, Uruguay (South America)

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  15. just watched lost things again from your re-tweet today, and once again, absolutely gorgeous. ali, as your name implies, noble, exalted, you are truly a princess. yet one, i believe, who wears that title in humility, and that is beautiful. i've also learned the importance of the same, and it's interesting that we both share similar name meanings, with don being great chief, or king. be a princess, a queen, yet serve people in love and humility. you're beautiful alison.

  16. Dear Alison,
    WHY ARE YOU AMAZING? Your music is such an inspiration to me. I wish I could see you live, but I've never had the chance to go to any of your shows. I'm currently listening to "Elements" and your voice is just enchanting in every little way. Please make a new album quick, I'm begging for more! :]
    PS. That video is amazing!!

    Your fan,


  17. best video ;D

    you still haven't read my blog(yet) :( www.sidish6.blogspot.com

    :D tc

  18. New entries! I realize there are a thousand demands on your time--this is my humble request for more posts. ;) Ciao!

  19. R.I.P. bumblebee

    Since it seems that Ali doesn’t write in this blog anymore, i’ll do it for her. Some of the readers may know that she spent a week of acclimatization before her Europe tour of May 2010 at the castle of Heinsheim in Germany, as a guest of the owner family von Racknitz, which are friends of her. One day, they went together with their little daughter on a walk along the nearby river Neckar, passing through wonderfully blooming flower fields. On their way back to the castle, the little daughter Leonie suddenly noticed a big and beautiful bumblebee lying there on the gravel path, motionless. Still alive or dead? The wanderers stopped, in order to find this out. They carefully touched the insect and turned it on his back.... but they had to accept that it already was gone. A sad moment for the little Leonie. But she did not cry, she took a leaf from the ground and put the dead body on it. Then she took another leaf as cover, in order to give this animal something like a coffin. Finally she searched a place in the grass beside of the path, where the bumblebee could rest safely and without any more disturbance by other passers-by... This little story is really nothing special and most of us would react in the same way as Leonie and the complete group there did. But this is a story to be told anyway. The conclusion is that the respect of this little girl against a dead animal stands for the respect against the whole nature and all creatures in it. Ali gave us this lesson at Heinsheim castle on April 30, 2010. She’s right, we not only should love ourselves and be selfish, but we should share our love with everything that’s around us. Ali does so in a beautiful way, and we should follow her. Ali, please correct if I’ve told something wrong.

  20. thanks for sharing andy. you see exactly what i mean with the kind of heart ali has. one i've found to be absolutely beautiful. i respect her deeply and i cherish the time i've had to express my heart to her since valentine's day. i think i was able to use my palette of colors to honestly portray who i am and what i want to be with her. i believe she sees my heart already, before face to face, and that was my intention all along.

    now that i've made myself clear, i can only hope she wants to see each other the same, face to face. that decision is completely up to her and all i can do is offer her the opportunity to meet me, which i'll do once i make my way to LAMILL COFFEE in silver lake.

    so when you read this ali, just know, i feel a true love for you, yet this is spoken in total respect of who you are. you should not feel the least bit threatened by my invitation and i know you've had enough time to see my heart in this is pure. i think i've found a heart in you that's in tune with mine. i hope you feel the same.

    i want to meet you soon and i believe you've heard me calling, trying my best to express myself and to figure out the mystery of who you are. i love this adventure, i hope you as well. and what i've seen in what you've done recently, both in photos and new songs, and in the interview with swisscom, shows me your heart in a way that makes me feel like you've connected with me in a very special way. only you know the truth of that, and i hope your heart becomes increasingly clear to me and that this concludes in an exchange of our love for each other, one that we will commit to forever.

  21. one thing i'd like to add is that as i've seen you pouring your heart out through your new songs and the latest photo shoot with angela, and since it appears, at least to me, to be connected with the things i've shared over these months, that all i can do is say i'm sorry for questioning you, or doubting your affection toward me. that's to say if i'm correct and have accurately read your heart in this, as i believe i have, but please don't hesitate to correct me if i'm wrong.

    if i've truly seen your heart in this then please understand that i'm more than overwhelmed by the beauty of it. it's so much like a dream that maybe i've had difficulty discerning the difference, and questions of its validity easily come to mind. forgive me for this. i don't think i can find the words how to express my thanks if you've indeed been reaching your heart out to me in this way. it's love beyond anything a woman has ever shown me, and that's why i know what i feel for you is true. something in me says you feel the same, but i do respect you enough to honor whatever you think is right.

    so that's my perspective and i hope to be able to share things personally with you soon, if that's what you decide to agree to. i'll let you know when i can be at LAMILL and then you may decide if it seems best to meet me there. thank you ali, and much love to you.

  22. hi ali, and happy sunday to you! i'd like to share a little about life here since i've been staying with my sister and her 4 kids. i simply feel like opening up a bit, making things a little clearer on this sunday afternoon. my sister is a single mom with a lot of responsibilities, as you can imagine. she had surgery in april and experienced complications which led to another surgery to try and correct it. she's currently waiting until june 30th to find out if yet another small surgery is necessary, which would probably happen as soon as next week.

    she's been off work since april dealing with this and also a lot of problems with the medications prescribed, which were changed several times. i truly wish this whole experience to be over for her, and hoping it will be very soon. in the meantime, i've been here helping since she's been off work. we have an arrangement with her landlord who owns 7 homes in the neighborhood, and i've been taking care of the outside work for these homes every week in exchange for rent, so i don't actually get paid for the work, but it definitely helps and is probably one of the reasons i'm in michigan. things do happen for a reason and i know you believe that as well, so i know you understand.

    she has a lot of medical bills from all of this and previous issues and i know she's been dealing with the stress of both recovering and dealing with those things, and it's hard seeing someone you love going through difficult experiences. i've been through them too, as you've already read from what i've shared, although that's something i know i've released and moved on from, spending some time alone and getting comfortable with who i am and who i believe i'm supposed to be (ME and a TREE).

    when i drove here from tulsa it was kind of a starting over for me. i left my apartment on october 30th of last year with nothing but my car, computer, and a few suitcases. i arrived in grand rapids on saturday the 31st, in the evening, first stopping at a coffeehouse called cafe 24/7, formerly owned by the current owners of the bitter end, where i've been spending a lot of time since i met chester who works there. i've been helping him with getting back and forth to work and other places and he's been a great friend, who's actually about the same age as my dad, and it's been nice hanging out with him. he's who i started going to feed the geese, ducks, birds, and squirrels with at john ball park near the bitter end. he also loves movies and has been involved as an extra in many that were produced in the area.

    before meeting him i was spending time on various adventures, stopping at coffeehouses along the way, writing and pondering, then finding you on february 16th. (lala!) the day before i went to the wealthy theatre (my first twitpic), which i'm currently sitting across from at the sparrows. i saw a concert that night called beautiful things, all about how the difficulties in life, the pain, the tragedy, can be changed into something beautiful. real life and real love. this seemed to be something significant for me since that's exactly what i've been trusting to see. this was the same day you posted the lovely sweet-heart cookies on your twitpic.

  23. another significant concert for me was on new year's eve 2008 at the blank slate in tulsa. i went alone that night, after visiting a coffehouse (the coffeehouse on cherry street) and saw 3 bands play. after the show i bought the jfjo cd - lil' tae rides again, which has a heart on it. (http://twitpic.com/1bfxdm) must be something about hearts connecting all of this! it just seems like a lot of things have been tied together over the years, all happening for a reason. i think you've experienced the same and have seen this is something more than just me, more than just us, and i do believe it was supposed to happen like it has. i think it's something called love.

    you know i want to drive to LA to meet you at lamill. i've never been to LA so i'm excited f ior it, but i don't know where i'm going when i get there, beyond lamill i mean, and i'm waiting to have what i need to actually be able to go. and now you know more of what has been happening here, so please understand, with all of my heart i want to see you (like right now, please!) and i believe it's right, i really do. this is something i feel you agree with since i think you've seen it too. so am i nervous? absolutely. but that definitely won't delay my desire to see you. it's all i want right now, it really is. i hope you feel the same and something in me says you do.

    just watched the twitterpated video you posted on twitter. oh my, yeah, ummm... like perfect timing! you're so amazing to me. so beautiful. and you know i mean that in a way that goes all the way inside to the wonder of your heart, the place where your art begins and spills out for others to see and enjoy. i hope being clear today, showing you a bit of my real life, is okay with you. i love the mystery of this whole thing. it's beyond amazing to me. but i also know of the reality of our eyes meeting, the touch of our hands together, the beautiful embrace of our hug, and everything being made clear then, our lives will become the love story. we'll see and hear the music of each other's hearts. i want that ali, and i want it to be something that doesn't end. no bitter end, just sweet-hearts full of love for each other, one that grows and lasts forever. dear, i think you want the same.

    thank you for listening to my heart. thank you for caring. let's meet soon, dear. i want that more than you can imagine, and i know it'll happen. i believe it's supposed to happen, even meant to be. our own true-life true-love story. let's read it together.

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  27. That was lovely! Your hair is a lovely shade of red in this video too! :) Loving the song,


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